Apr 18 2017

Performance | Tom Watson and His Clients

Tues | 7PM

Christina Forrer Tom Watson Performance

On the occasion of Grappling Hold, please join us for a performance by Emil Amos, Steve Shelley and Tom Watson, who will play a trio of conventional instruments with an unconventional goal. With roots of punk, jazz, folk, and blues, their musical performance will be an interpretation of the works and space around them in real time.

Please RSVP to rsvp@swissinstitute.net.

Emil Amos has made over 50 records across a wide terrain in underground music with a catalog that stretches over 20 years. He plays live and records with his bands Holy Sons, Om, Grails, and Lilacs & Champagne, and has played alongside Jandek and Damo Suzuki.  He resides in New York City, where he produces a podcast called Drifter’s Sympathy.

Steve Shelley is best known as the drummer of Sonic Youth. He currently records and tours with Thurston Moore, Sun Kil Moon, Spectre Folk, Howe Gelb, Riviera Gaz and Gata Pyramide. He has recently also recorded and/or toured with Yasmine Hamdan, Hallogallo 2010 (with Neu’s Michael Rother), Disappears, Emma Tricca, and J.P. Shilo.

Tom Watson is a guitarist from Los Angeles, who has been playing music in and around the area for over 30 years. Over the years he has recorded and performed with many groups, including Toxic Shock, Slovenly, Overpass, The Red Krayola, Lou Barlow, and currently, Mike Watt.


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