Individual Support

SI extends its deepest gratitude to the following individuals for their generosity in supporting our mission:

38 St Marks Alliance
LUMA Foundation, Stiftung Usine, Michael Ringier, Florian Gutzwiller, Monique & Max Burger, Iwan Wirth, Nicoletta Fiorucci, Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte, Rachel & Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Dominique Lévy, Shelley Fox Aarons & Philip E. Aarons, Alexandra Economou, Suzanne & Eric Syz, Sarah Arison, Bridgitt Evans, Lisa Schiff, Fabienne & Charles Abrecht, Peter Handschin, Martin Hatebur, Susanne von Meiss, Gaby Nahmani

Director’s Circle
Shelley Fox Aarons & Philip E. Aarons, Sarah Arison, Philippe Bertherat, Martin Bisang, Monique and Max Burger, Bridgitt Evans, Marian Goodman, Anne Keller Dubach, Pierre and Christina de Labouchere, Rachel and Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Almine Rech and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso

Builders Council
Dayle Bechtler-Lustenberger, Massimo De Carlo, Milan / London / Hong Kong, Paula Cooper Gallery, Carolyn and Neil Coplan MD, Heather Flow, Gladstone Gallery, Xavier Hufkens, Lisson Gallery, David Kordansky, kurimanzutto, Sprüth Magers, Matthew Marks, Pace Gallery, Mathieu Paris, Metro Pictures, Eva Presenhuber, Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery, Peter and Adelaide Sutter de Vries

SI Architecture and Design Council
Annabelle Selldorf, Chair, Andreas Angelidakis, Marc Benda, Felix Burrichter, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, Demisch Danant, Beatrice Galilee

Education Council
Alice Bertherat, Peter Brant, Lyor Cohen, Caryl Englander, John Garcia, Angela and James Ho, André Hoffmann, Maja Hoffmann, Maren Krass, Dominique Lévy, Lawrence Luhring, Amalia Dayan and Adam Lindemann, Olivia Marciano, Marjorie Mayrock, Almine Rech, Peter and Adelaide Sutter de Vries, Clarice Tavares, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Susanne von Meiss, Offer Waterman

Patrons of the Arts
Walter and Daphne Kielholz, Bettina Korek, Pierre Mirabaud, Victoria Miro, Richard and Gaby Nahmani, Eva Presenhuber, Peter and Adelaide Sutter de Vries, Gerd Schepers and Martina Vondruska, Melissa Stewart, Begum Yasar, Franz Wassmer, Oskar Weiss, and those who prefer to remain anonymous

Friends of SI Switzerland Committee: Susanne von Meiss, co-head, Marius Neuenschwander, Treasurer, Stefan von Bartha, Dayle Bechtler-Lustenberger, Nicolas Bernheim, Florian Gutzwiller, Gaby Nahmani, Rahel Neuenschwander, Sabine Parenti, Oskar Weiss
Friends of SI US Committee :  Esteban Arboleda, Abby Bangser, Sophia Cohen, Justine Durrett, Alexandra Economou, Heather Flow, Bettina Korek, Melissa Stewart, Elise van Middelem, Thea Westreich and Ethan Wagner, Begum Yasar, Tiffany Zabludowicz, Katja Zigerlig

Charles and Fabienne Abrecht, Jeanette Apitz, Esteban Arboleda, Abby Bangser, Gabi Bär, Thomas and Cristina Bechtler, Dayle Bechtler-Lustenberger and Philippe Lustenberger, Eric and Fabienne Bernheim, Nicolas Bernheim, Doris Beyersdorf, Chantal Blatzheim and Augustin Dufrasne, Andrea Bodmer, Annette Bollag-Rothschild, Martin Bösterli and Gitti Hug, Robert and Janet Briner, Spencer Brownstone, Matthias Brunner, Marietta Budiner, Catherine-Anne Burda, Felix Burrichter, Katherine Chan, Sophia Cohen, Andrée Darphin, Karolina Dankow, Karin Deilmann, Katharina and Ato De Vaivre, Ulla Dreyfus-Best, Justine Durrett, Dvir Gallery, Tel-Aviv / Brussels, Birgit Filzmaier, Heather Flow, Ivrea Florio, Peter and Kathrin Friedli, Buchholz Gallery, Christophe and Corinne Gautier, Denise Ginesta, Mariann Grawe and Berthold Hermann, Damien and Melanie Grieder-Swarovski, Claudia Groeflin Ziltener, Florian Gutzwiller, Martin Hatebur, Amanda and Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, Jonathan Huddleson, Frédérique Hutter, Peter Kilchmann, Thomas Koerfer, Werner and Vicky Kummer, Nicole Kunz, René Lahn, Caroline Lang , Maria Larsson, Jonathan Levy, Svetlana Marich, Wolfram Meister, Monika and Simon Michel, Carolina Nitsch, Jutta Nixdorf, Franco Noero, Raphael Oeschger, Marina Olsen, Evrim and Jessica Oralkan, Maureen Paley, Sabine Parenti, Petzel Gallery, Roman Plutschow, Edgar Rappold and Gertie Guertler, Christina Scheublein, Barbara Schlagbauer, Thomas Schneider, Sylvie Seidlitz, Cindy Sherman, Pierre Sigg, Chloe Sos, Peter Trueb, Elise van Middelem, Rebecca von Bachelle Zaidman, Stefan von Bartha, Susanne and Hans von Meiss, Charlotte Weinberg-Steiner, Zoe Weinstein,Thea Westreich and Ethan Wagner, Elizabeth Woodward, Tiffany Zabludowicz, Katja Zigerlig

SI gratefully acknowledges the TOY Family as Friends of SI
Anna Abrell and Michael Langguth, Satyam Abishek Advani, Thorsten Albertz, Lukas Amacher,  Albert Anneler, Tiffany Woodt-Arnt and Matthias Ardnt, Daniel Arsham, Evelene and Noraya Avanthay, Diego Baldenweg, Lionel Baldenweg, Nora Baldenweg, Deborah and Gioele Balmelli, Mirko Baselgia, Joel Basman, Beat Berger and Christophe Graber, Nicolas and Maria Bernheim, Dvang Bharania, Julie Boldt and Dhruv Yadav, Zandie Brockett,  Zoe Buckman, Monique and Max Burger, Beat and Simone Burger, Maxime Castric, Carla Chan, Isaac Chong, Barbara Corti and Gianni Jetzer, Marcel Crespo, Timothy Curtis, Filipe Da Costa Leite, Melanie Da Costa Leite, Kim and Timothy Dale, Gabriel Delponte, Branca and Stefan Dorfmeister, Rose Elbaz and David Kolinski, Alexandra Ettlin and Tobias Kappeler, Filippo Fiocchi, Andi Fischer, Benedikt Fischer, Nico Form-Zuellig, Tina Marie Fung and Ashraf Razaque, David Gleitman, Jennifer Greenland and Luca Pessina, Alex and Nirit Gruenwald, Luisa Gui and Christian Wassmann, Johannes Hoerning, Sonja and James Holloway, Cindy Holzbauer and Klaus Gabriel, Laura Hilber, Paul Hutchinson, Mike Imam, Nadia and Timo Kaabi-Linke, Titus Kaphar, Maria and Claudio Koller, Laura Krul-Harris, Karen-Sofie Kvamme, Joanna Lisiak, Daniela Maerky and Alain Vaucher, Doreen Merkel and Akshay Bajaj, Fabian Marti, Madelyne Meyer, Natalie Meyer, Enrico Nahoum, Elaine Ng and Fabio Rossi, Amina Omani and Ouali Omani, Yasmine and Joao Philippe Orléans e Braganca, Charlotte Phillips, Cynthia Philips, Jacqueline Phillips, Michael Phillips, Yasmin Rahmatullah, Prashanti Ravindran and Nicolas Mathier, Michael Reinhold, Silvia Ruiz Meron  Michael Sandmeier, Constantin Schenker, Evita and Anja Schildknecht, Terry Schmassmann, Annabelle Schneider, Falk Schweitzer, Maria Sieper and Maleachi Buehringer, Tina Soroush and David Trenhondart, Franziska Stilli and Clement Poch, Maximilian Stolberg, Tavares Strachan, Aita Sulser, Elizabeth and Stefan Suter, Emilie Suter, Katharina Suter, Melanie Tang-Simunovic and Nick Simunovic, Dagny and Richard Telfer, Bianca Ulrich-Heller and Stephan Ulrich Alexandra Verney, Andrea Wild Botero and Raphael Kappeler, Natalie Williams, Philipp Wille, Cassandra Wong and Otto Brockway, Esther YS Wong, Vidur Yadav, Alison Mary Ching Yeung

Join Now!

Swiss Institute is grateful to our donors for their generous support of our mission and programming.
Individual gifts play an integral role in ensuring free admission to Swiss Institute.

Friends of SI (Individual $ 750, Couple $ 1,300)
• Invitation to VIP events with previews, select opening dinners, artist studio visits
• Invitation to Art Basel lunch
• 50% discount on Benefactor Benefit ticket for friend Friend of SI (limit one per person)
• Name recognition on website and donor wall
• 10% off purchases at Printed Matter / St Marks

Friends of SI Patrons of the Arts ($ 3,000)
• Supporters at this level receive all the benefits of SI benefits, plus:
• Private Tour of Art Basel & Art Basel Miami Beach with SI Director upon request
• Invitation to Art Basel Miami Lunch
• SI Art travel opportunities

Director’s Circle ($ 7,500+)
• Director’s Circle funds exclusively support our exhibition programming, which is SI’s distinctive curatorial vision.
Seating at the Director’s Table at the Annual Benefit Dinner
• Invitations to all opening night dinners
• Recognition on website as members of the Director’s Circle

NEW! SI Architecture and Design Council Member ($ 2,500)
• The Architecture and Design Council provide SI with a critical source of support for the acclaimed architecture and design exhibition series.
• 2 invitations to the exhibition’s opening dinner
• Recognition on all exhibition and accompanying publication materials
• 2 Invitations to The Architecture and Design cocktail at a notable private residence

NEW! SI Architecture and Design Council Patron ($ 5,000+)
• In addition to all Member’s Benefits Patrons receive 1 annual SI Benefit Dinner & Auction Ticket.

Corporate Friends of SI ($ 5,000)
Recognition on website and donor wall as Corporate Friend of SI

For major gifts or participation in the Builders Council please contact Andrew Alexander, Development Officer at andrew (at) swissinstitute (dot) net; +1 212 925 2035