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SI: Visions is a groundbreaking online video series, exploring the ideas and fascinations of some of today’s most forward-looking artists. Capturing a first-person point of view, these video essays are made in close collaboration with each artist, giving audiences immersive access to new ways of making and thinking about art. Presented by Swiss Institute in collaboration with UBS.

This ongoing series features Sean Raspet, Tabor Robak, Dora Budor, Christina Forrer, Alex Israel, Simon Denny, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Julia Tcharfas, Lena Henke, Jordan Wolfson, Ian Cheng, Nancy Lupo, Samson Young and Heman Chong.

Latest video:

Heman Chong on The Art in Writing

Singapore-based artist Heman Chong, known for numerous art projects that encompass elements from literature, talks through the tools and structures he uses in order to make art with writing.