Simon Denny, SI x SD Legacy Selfie Stick Luxury Tech Reissue, 2016


Simon Denny
SIxSD Legacy Selfie Stick Luxury Tech Reissue, 2016
Edition of 60, 10 of which are signed by the artist

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Pioneering innovation. Uncompromising craftsmanship. You.

SIxSD Legacy Selfie Stick Luxury Tech Reissue is the culmination of a partnership based on parallel thinking, singular vision, and mutual regard, designed with both utility and beauty in mind. A product of elegant, artful simplicity — the ultimate tool for modern life.

“With the first caveman or cavewoman, the one who found the shiniest shell to make a necklace had an advantage, and ever since then people have been trying to one-up themselves.”
– Milton Pedraza, C.E.O. of the Luxury Institute

With the SIxSD Legacy Selfie Stick Luxury Tech Reissue, a gold-plated line is drawn from Apple watch, and their recent collaboration with Hermes, through Vertu, backward to one of the earliest moments in contemporary luxury tech accessories – the selfie-pioneering Courreges x Minolta “deluxe” ac301 collaboration from 1984. An early digital camera with a “mirror on the front for self portraits” and “extender set” attached, this prescient collaboration anticipated the selfie-saturated world of the present, the appeal of luxury versions of tech, and even tech’s hedging of innovation with fashion.

The Courreges x Minolta “deluxe” ac301, which looked “more like a powder compact than a camera” and was dubbed “the photographic equivalent of a French Poodle,” was sold at “fashion specialty” stores as well as traditional gadget shops of the day in an attempt to gain female market share in a male consumer-dominated realm. The commemorative SIxSD Legacy Selfie Stick Luxury Tech Reissue is a reanimated heirloom, a reminder of the ways in which luxury and opulence have transformed our relationship to tech over the past decades, and that our image-hungry selves were in development well before the front-camera and smartphone screen arrived. 

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