Guillaume Dénervaud: Ozoned Station | Galerie

Sep 19 2023

By Stefanie Li

The Artful Life: 6 Things Galerie Editors Love This Week

A participant in the Swiss Institute (SI) residency program in 2021 and winner of the Swiss Art Award earlier this year, Guillaume Dénervaud has opened his first museum exhibition in the United States at the New York contemporary art space. Layering organic shapes and industrial forms, the artist uses pigments made from plants, minerals, and insects to paint fantastical abstractions. Drawing inspiration from the Hopepunk movement, Dénervaud’s otherworldly paintings show visions of a post-apocalyptic world. Dénervaud immerses visitors in this eco-fiction by coating the walls of the gallery with the same materials used to create the Neolithic cave paintings. “Ozoned Station” is on view until January 7, 2024