Cabaret Voltaire Boutique

Dec 03 - Dec 24 2008

Cabaret Voltaire is one of Switzerland’s most vibrant contemporary art spaces, programming shows and events in the old town of Zurich (yes, it was also the birthplace of DADA back in 1916). The storefront is an unconventional boutique with a selection of objects, editions and fashion selected by Andrea Roca. For the month of December, Boutique Cabaret Voltaire will present some of the most exciting products from small creative industries across Switzerland and Europe.

FASHION: Starstyling Berlin, Bitten Stetter Hamburg, Prodotyp Berlin, Anita Mose Basel, Lilla Rosa Zürich, Luise Blanche Lausanne, T-Shirt Monthly Fribourg, Franziska Lüthi Zurich, Neu & C me Zurich, Sasha Hättenschweiler Zug, Peter Müller Zürich /Basel, Anja Roder Schaffhausen,

HOUSEWARES Atypik Paris, La tête au cube Paris, Dessert Zurich,, Heimlifeiss Zurich, Anette Lüthi Zurich, Mick & Isa Lucerne, Foliage Indiana, Foldschool Bern, Seifenspiele Zürich, Timuk Zurich, Kueng-Caputo Zürich, Seifenspiele Zürich

JEWELRY Santa Polenta Zurich / Berlin, Prächtig Zurich, Barometer New York, Postfossil Zürich

MAGS / BOOKS / EDITIONS: A la Mode Zurich, Nieves Zurich, passengerbooks Zurich, Sharzhad Zurich, Malheft, Yves Sablonier und Laura Jurt Zurich, Edition Fink Zurich

ARTISTS EDITIONS Johanna Unzueta New York, Margot Zanni Zurich, San Keller Zurich, Felipe Mujica New York, Bastien Aubry Zurich, Christa Miche Zürichl, Bisou Zurich, Yonic Geneva / Bahia Stefan Kiss Schaffhausen, Thomas Galler Zürich, Milk & Wodka Zürich/ Basel, Christina Zehnder Zürich, Davix Zürich

11AM – 6PM
For additional information contact Piper Marshall:

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Jon's Pick: DIGITAL GENITAL by Milk + WODKA "Isn't it nice to have an easy decision: blue/pink?"
Adele's Pick: BIG BAG by Anja Roder. ""This bag is so large, it can store the big apple!"
Piper's Pick: HOULIGAN HEADDRESS by Peter Mueller. "This is pure Huck Finn"
Gianni's Pick: CAP/SCARF by Bitten Stetter. "I always wanted to be a guerilla, and all I got is SI"
Severine's Pick: PAT, the donkey by Bisou. "Pat's perfect; he never leaves surprises on the street"