Sep 29 2014

Lecture | Miklos Klaus Rozsa: Documentation and Surveillance with Christof Nüssli and Christoph Oeschger

Mon | 6:30 pm

Named as one of “The Most Beautiful German Books 2014,” this publication draws on the documents compiled by photographer and political activist Miklós Klaus Rózsa from 1971 to 1989. These consist of an assortment of photographs taken by Rózsa, as well as state security files on Rózsa, as reported by the Federal Police, the Cantonal Police, and the Zurich Police Department. The published materials all stem from Rózsa’s personal archive.

Christof Nüssli and Christoph Oeschger will give an introduction to the historical and political background of this project, show film clippings from the Swiss youth movement in the 1980s, and talk about their work process and its outcome.

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