Urban Zellweger, Untitled | 38 St Marks Editions Portfolio


The picture plane contains: a chessboard, a backgammon set, abstract patterns, windows to the sky. It is at once a game, an image, and a vision. Describing the series from which this work emerges, Tenzing Barshee writes: “In consequence, Urban Zellweger’s paintings are imagistic at heart and a welcome antidote to conventional thinking. As if he were to implode the structure of abstraction, he literally builds upon it. Buildings upon buildings. Making art can be like playing a game. A set of agreed upon rules are reproduced through the situations and ideas brought to it. While some artists are working, others make their point by playing. Delivering every move with precision, exploiting strategies. Everything else could be the future.”

Urban Zellweger (b. 1991 in Zürich, Switzerland) lives and work in Zürich. Recent solo exhibitions include Urban Zellweger: Throb at Pilar Corrias, New York (2017); Where am I Reptile at Karma International, Los Angeles (2016); Plymidae at Plymouth Rock, Zürich (2015). Recent group exhibitions include 89plus: “Filter Bubble”, LUMA Westbau, Zürich (2016); Europe Europe, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo (2015); +, 1857, Oslo (2015); Barricades of Life, a Pool Outside, at Fri Art, Freiburg (2014); and 50/50, Ok?, Kunsthof Zürich, Zürich (2014).

Urban Zellweger
Pigmented Inkjet Print
24 x 24 in.
Edition of 38
Signed and Numbered

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