The St. Petersburg Paradox


Published by Swiss Institute / Karma, New York
Edited by Karen Marta, Simon Castets.
Text by Ericka Beckman, A.E. Benenson, Walter Benjamin, Fredric Brandt, Vitalik Buterin, Alex Mackin Dolan, Hugh Scott Douglas, Cooper Francis, Sam Frank, Konstantin Genin, Remco Heesen, Nicolas Langlitz, Scott Lyall, Tabor Robak, Ben Schumacher, Emily Segal, Amalia Ulman, Douglas Wilson, Eric Zimmerman.



Through the work of thirteen artists across a century, The St. Petersburg Paradox explores the precarious human impulses that underlie risk calculation. Guided by what Georges Bataille called “the giddy seductiveness of chance,” the related series of public programs—on subjects such as hallucinogens, plastic surgery, and utility theory—are published here in their unedited, raw form.