Hans Haacke: Swiss Institute Visitors Poll




Edited with introduction by Simon Castets, Alison Coplan. Text by Hans Haacke. Published by Swiss Institute and Karma.

German artist and institutional critique pioneer Hans Haacke (born 1936) is famed worldwide for examining museums by directly asking their audiences questions. Hans Haacke: Swiss Institute Visitors Poll documents the results of his longest ever poll work, which was conducted at Swiss Institute from June 21, 2018 to October 24, 2019.

Newly commissioned for this publication, Haacke’s featured essay outlines the history of his poll works, discussing the context and development of this body of work over four decades—all leading up to the Swiss Institute Visitors Poll. The book documents the results of the poll, including 652 pages of facsimile index cards that were written by poll respondents in response to Question #20: “What multiple-choice question would you also have liked to see in this poll?”