Selections from SInce 1986: Parasite Document Collection

Parasite Document Collection at Swiss Institute

with Julie Ault, Dennis Balk, Judith Barry, Martin Beck, Tom Burr, Michael Clegg, Mark Dion, Julia Fischer, Andrea Fraser, Aki Fujiyoshi, Renée Green, Ben Kinmont, Simon Leung, Christian Marclay, John Menick, Christian Philipp Müller, Nils Norman, J.Morgan Puett, Jason Simon, Lincoln Tobier, Ron Wakkary, Fred Wilson, Florian Zeyfang
Curated by Parasite
February 3, 2000

Continuing our selections from SI’s archive, this week we take a closer look at the one-day presentation of the Parasite Document Collection held at SI’s 495 Broadway location.

From 1997 through 1999, the artist group Parasite organized discussions and panels on issues related to project-based and site specific art practices. Many of its members, including Julie Ault, Martin Beck, Mark Dion, Andrea Fraser, Ben Kinmont, Christian Marclay, Christian Philippe Müller, Nils Norman and Jason Simon, shared the experience that, despite a high degree of regard for their work in Europe, it seemed to be little known in New York—supposedly because its end results were rarely objects, and therefore the work remained outside commercial circuits. As one of their key projects, Parasite created an archive in which the work of the participants was represented. As a limited loan, Parasite allowed Swiss Institute to host its archive, for public accessibility.

The archives of both Parasite and Swiss Institute are now housed at Fales Library and Special Collections at New York University.