Shuang Li: I’m Not | Cultured

May 06 2024

By Paloma Baygual

Here Are the 8 Institutional Exhibitions You Cannot Miss This Month

“I’m Not” by Shuang Li and “Cloisters & Instruments” by Kobby Adi
Swiss Institute
When: May 1 – August 25
Why It’s Worth a Look: The Swiss Institute presents two solo shows by artists Shuang Li and Kobby Adi. Li’s exhibition offers a personal look into her experiences and how they have been shaped by digital culture and subcultures, mainly through her engagement with the band My Chemical Romance. Her work blends sculpture and video to explore fandom and identity’s material and emotional dimensions. Meanwhile, Adi’s show explores decay, transformation, and the metaphysical through film and sculpture. His work challenges notions of time and material integrity.
Know Before You Go: Li has created an immersive environment with a large-scale architectural model and video installation. For Adi’s part, a contemplative space has been constructed with components of the work available for viewing and interaction at local libraries.