Now Online: Christian Jankowski, Zöllner Singen (Singing Customs Officers), 1999

This week, we are pleased to present Zöllner Singen (Singing Customs Officers), a video by Christian Jankowski that was first shown in New York during Jankowski’s solo exhibition at SI from November 15, 2001 – January 12, 2002.

Customs Officers from four countries neighboring Switzerland – Austria, Italy, France, and Germany – participated in Jankowski’s Singing Customs Officers, originally exhibited in Switzerland in 1999. The Officers each sang their respective national anthems in front of their border checkpoints while Jankowski recorded them on video. The original display at SI consisted of the video transmissions on monitors, facing outward atop a four sided “Swiss cross” pedestal, along with the receipt for customs duties associated with the import of the videos as art goods. On the occasion of this digital presentation, Jankowski has edited the work for the first time into a single-channel video.

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Christian Jankowski

Image: Christian Jankowski, Zöllner Singen (Singing Customs Officers), 1999. Four-channel video installation, 1: 47 min (France), 1:02 min (Italy), 1:22min (Germany), 1:40 min (Austria), PAL, 4:3, color, sound, edition of 4. 

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