Vidya Gastaldon

Jan 16 - Mar 10 2007

The SI is pleased to present the first US solo exhibition of the work of Geneva-based, French artist Vidya Gastaldon. Working with visionary and revelatory symbolism, Gastaldon creates worlds into which her viewers can enter and be transformed. Using mostly her own handiwork to meticulously craft her pieces, she aims to communicate her intentions through her labor. Sewing, knitting, diverse installations of video and drawing manifest vast otherworldly landscapes. Though often using symbols of hippie culture in her language, Gastaldon utilizes the iconography new age culture or eastern religious symbols in her contemporary art practice without irony.

A belief in the possibility to bring power and transcendent change through art practice is essential to the work of Gastaldon. Fabrice Stroun has emphasized her “as someone working on the extreme fringe of contemporary art, on the border with visionary art.” While her non-ironic and generous attitude towards the mystical is perhaps rare, in fact, her interests and influences are shared among an undercurrent of young contemporary artists working with ideas of power, the supernatural and the undeniable transformative power of art.

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Cœur de guru, 2005, Fabric, wool, embroidery, foam