Feb 18 - Apr 04 2009

Barbara Bloom, Sophie Calle, Trisha Donnelly, Sam Durant, Maria Eichhorn, Sylvie Fleury, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Dan Graham, Renée Green, Fabrice Gygi, Jamie Isenstein, Mike Kelley, Louise Lawler, Leigh Ledare, Sam Lewitt, Allan McCollum, Jeffrey Charles Henry Peacock, Mai-Thu Perret, Walter Robinson, Aura Rosenberg, Jim Shaw, Greg Parma Smith, John Waters, and Lawrence Weiner

On invitation of the Swiss Institute, New York artist John Miller created REGIFT, a group show that includes 24 artists, all whom contribute work on the subject of gift exchange.

The exchange of gifts, although an age-old practice, presents something of an economic anomaly. One reason may be that gift exchange is not completely rational, at least according to a logic of total calculability. Like the gift, the artwork fits only awkwardly within this framework. Gift giving often involves unspoken obligations, exacted in terms that are mutually understood but nonetheless not completely accountable: emotional, social, hierarchical and so on. Here, the incalculability of the artwork dovetails with that of the gift.

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Mike Kelley, image from the installation Love, Theft, Gifting, and More Love, 2009
Sam Durant, American Hospitality (biological), 2006
Sophie Calle, Birthday Ceremony (1980), 1997
Leigh Ledare, The Gift video still, 2008
Trisha Donnelly, Celestial Muse, 1982
Lawrence Weiner, Collection Public Freehold, 2001
Jamie Isenstein, Two Egresses and Unbird, 2007
Greg Parma Smith, Science Classicism Lycanthropy, 2007
Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Unititled (USA Today), 1990
Fabrice Gygi, Christmas Tree, 2009
Aura Rosenberg, Schokolade, 1999