Mar 27 2024

These Seasons | Axelle Karera: Void of Course

Wed | 7PM

SI is pleased to inaugurate the 2024 series of These Seasons programs with a lecture by writer and philosopher Axelle Karera.

“The term ‘Anthropocene’ calls urgent attention to our ecological existence. Across interests and professions, the consensus readily announces the predicament: anthropos’ imprint on what we call ‘nature’ is undeniable. As this ominous assessment prescribes the collective task of undoing the damages caused to the Earth, the future of the species and its hitherto most hospitable and singular habitat are now matters of significant concerns. A different, though related, order of prescriptive urgencies instigated by our environmental crisis is central to this talk. The presentation focuses on the emerging and pressing necessity to re-orient the ontological question, as cosmopolitan life is simultaneously converging with and troubled by ‘planetary existence.'”

-Axelle Karera

These Seasons is an ongoing transdisciplinary public program that invites artists, scholars and writers to explore theories of nature, landscape, ecology, human and non-human life forms and climate action.

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Axelle Karera is an assistant professor of philosophy at Emory University. She teaches and writes at the intersections of black critical theory, 20th century continental philosophy, and the environmental humanities.
Image: NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope capturing for the first time light emanating from two exoplanets. Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC).