Aug 22 2013

Screening | Dani, Michi, Renato & Max

Thurs | 7pm

Join us for a screening of DANI, MICHI, RENATO & MAX, film, 1987, 138 minutes. Directed by Richard Dindo.

Director Richard Dindo destabilizes the manicured vision of Switzerland as “safe-haven” in this three-part documentary. Set in the early 1980s, the film tells the story of four young men who were active members of the Zurich youth movement. Each man’s story concludes dramatically as his respective path crosses with police. Tense and violent at times, the work reflects a period of conflict and rebellion.

“Taken together, these three incidents reflect the tense and violent atmosphere of the time and the conflict between repressive authority and a young generation desperate for freedom.” –

“This documentary explores the deaths of four young men in Zurich as a result of what the filmmaker clearly believes was an excessively violent response by the police to minor provocations.” New York Times Synopsis

Shown in conjunction with the exhibition, “A Sunday in the Mountains,” curated by Gianni Jetzer.

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