Oct 04 2018

Performance | US with Raúl de Nieves, gage of the boone, Marcel Alcala, Whitney Vangrin

Thurs | 7PM



Us Raul de Nieves gage of the boon Marcel Acala Whitney Vangrin Swiss Institute Performance

On the occasion of his SI ONSITE installation, Humility (999), and Franz Gertsch: Polyfocal Allover, artist Raúl de Nieves invites three solo performers at Swiss Institute to present a set of diverse performative works. Raúl de Nieves, gage of the boone, Marcel Alcala and Whitney Vangrin’s performances will explore cycles of renewal and metamorphosis, developing rituals that consider personal change within societal crisis. Failure, fear, and collapse are embraced as natural aspects of life, creativity, and social reform.

Please RSVP to rsvp@swissinstitute.net. Please note: Please note: events at Swiss Institute are limited capacity, and entry is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Raúl de Nieves (b. Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico, 1983) is a multi-media artist, performer, and musician. His body of work encompasses narrative painting, decadent multimedia performance often with his band Haribo, large-scale figurative sculpture, live music, ornamentally crafted shoes, and garments. De Nieves has exhibited widely, including at MoMA PS1, The Museum of Art and Design, Rod Bianco Oslo, amongst others. He has performed at Performa 13, Documenta 14, MoMA PS1, ICA Philadelphia, The Kitchen, Artists Space, and numerous other venues. He was included in MoMA PS1’s Greater New York 2015 and the Whitney Biennial 2017. De Nieves lives and works in Brooklyn.

gage of the boone is a multimedia artist whose performance work includes the creation costumes, sculptures and installations. Trained from a young age in dance, ranging from ballet to breakdancing to butoh, his work centers around androgyny, dreams and mysticism. In 2007, he graduated with a multidisciplinary BFA from Community College of Allegheny County.  In 2011, he founded the LGBTQ+ performance art space The Spectrum, now called The Dreamhouse, in Ridgewood, Queens.

Marcel Alcala (b. Santa Ana, CA, 1990) is a Mexican-American artist who creates events, and encounters that upend the expectation of art as a discrete work exhibited for a specific period of time. Often collaborating with artists and specialists from fields such as science, literature, film, music, and architecture, Alcala ventures outside of institutional structures to contextualize his work in public space. He graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012, and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he organizes performance and poetry exhibitions at McDonald’s. He researches and enacts “Clown” performances throughout the country.

Whitney Vangrin is an artist based in New York working across mediums with an emphasis on performance and sculpture. Equal parts physical and psychological, both performance and sculpture highlight materiality, while alluding to film, ritual, and structures of the body. While questioning perceptions of authenticity, her practices hinges upon a combination of anxiety, spirituality and the uncanny. Her work has been shown at the MoMA PS1, Issue Project Room, ICA London, ICA Philadelphia, Korner Taipei, among other locations around the United States and abroad.

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