Aug 07 2014

Panel | Ludic Aesthetics: Ericka Beckman, Douglas Wilson and Eric Zimmerman

Thurs | 7pm

An evening of film, conversation and play about art and games

In conjunction with our current exhibition, The St. Petersburg Paradox, please join us for a participatory evening at the intersection of games and art with artists and game designers Ericka Beckman, Douglas Wilson, and Eric Zimmerman. The audience will view a selection from Ericka’s film, You the Better, which is currently featured in The St. Petersburg Paradox, as well as play Douglas’s award-winning digital/physical game, Johann Sebastian Joust. Eric will lead both artists in a discussion about the relationship between art and games.

How and why can art be playful? What do games bring to contemporary art? Does an aesthetics based on play have something to say to our present moment?

Ericka Beckman is an artist whose films often incorporate invented games as part of their structure and content. Douglas Wilson is a game designer who creates playful situations at the intersection of the digital and the real world. Eric Zimmerman is a game designer and Arts Professor at the NYU Game Center.

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Image: Ericka Beckman, Still from You the Better, 1983.


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