Feb 02 2019

OFFSHORE IN NEW YORK | with Irena Haiduk, Joshua Simon and a film by Harun Farocki | ON STILL LIFE

Sat | 4PM

OFFSHORE IN NEW YORK Swiss Institute ON STILL LIFE Cally Spooner Irena Haiduk Joshua Simon Harun Farocki

On the occasion of Cally Spooner’s solo exhibition SWEAT SHAME ETC., please join us for the fifth event of a two-week practical philosophy school for embodied knowledge titled OFFSHORE IN NEW YORK.

OFFSHORE is an itinerant performance company and pedagogical structure initiated by Cally Spooner in 2017. It is currently located in SI’s Reading Room.

Through a number of lectures, conversations, reading groups, screenings, and an ongoing rehearsal for a new performance work by Spooner, OFFSHORE IN NEW YORK asks the question: “how might we tell the difference between what is alive and what is dead in the machinery that is advanced techno-capitalism and neoliberalism?”

OFFSHORE IN NEW YORK’s fifth event, ON STILL LIFE, looks into pickling, history, still life and death drives. The study day will feature a screening, two orations and an interrogative lecture that look into the act of arranging and preserving items for consumption. This is a presentation on how some artworks are dead and some just play dead.

4PM:  Screening of Harun Farocki’s Still Life (1997)

5PM: Two orations by Irena Haiduk | Say Camera (10 min) and Studio Feelings (30 min)

6PM: Playing to Lose: Irena Haiduk and Daniil Kharms talking to parts of Joshua Simon

Please RSVP to rsvp@swissinstitute.net. Please note: events at Swiss Institute are limited capacity, and entry is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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