Feb 01 2013

Das Ding! | Mae Fatto

Fri, 7pm Sharp

Trisha Baga, Bonnie Jones,
Jason Loebs, Ryan McNamara,
Paul Manza, Piper Marshall,
Adele Röder, Jenny Schlenzka, Anicka Yi

It begins, “Heidegger says proudly, “People say Heidegger is a fox.” This is the true story of Heidegger the fox.” -Hannah Arendt

das Ding! is an energetic performance interpreting an exchange between Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt. The audience-filled reading becomes an unlikely ground for the surrounding activity, where a group simultaneously builds the architecture of Heidegger’s hut, often relying upon viewer interpretation and interference. Consistently starting and stopping, working and negotiating, the performance examines the dialectic of history and document; the often-slippery attempt of one to capture the other.

Please RSVP before January 31: rsvp@swissinstitute.net

das Ding! will be on view Saturday, February 2, 12 – 6PM.