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Follow the SI's travels this summer from Book Launches to brutal blimp derbies...

kicking off the summer with a very well attended book launch at the SI HQ this May,
featuring a cut-throat race by Momoyo Torimitsu's toy businessman protoypes and a hip hip performance by Jah-Jah.

On to London, Marc-Olivier stakes our claim on posh Savile row for our London launch, attended by, among others, Christian Jankowski and London artist, Alexander Costello.
On to a few good spots in Venice...Swiss Artists Gerda Steiner and Joerg Lenzlinger at San Stae; the Japanese Pavillion and our boys MOW and Becket talk with Matthieu Mercier at the Venice Launch outside the Swiss Pavillion.
The best of Basel: Gianni Motti stages a Raelian seance at Ars Futura's booth at the Messe.
French folks persusing the goods at the
launch at the Palais de Tokyo Bookshop.





Olav Westphalen's First Long Island City Blimp Derby-
Team SI showed much promise,
but in the end we had to accept defeat..