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6:30 PM

Zurich - Between Counter-Culture and Museum, The Last 25 Years


The Swiss Institute is proud to announce the forthcoming lecture of Bice Curiger. Curator for the Kunsthaus, Zurich and co-founding editor of Parkett Magazine, Curiger will come to SI to give a lecture on Tuesday, April 2. Atop the dazzling, Rondinone stage and amidst the drawings and sculptures of Urs Fischer, Curiger's lecture will help bring together the diverse elements of the Lowland Lullaby installation.

She will speak about the development of the Zurich art scene, from the rich subculture of the seventies to the world-renowned art scene of today. Zurich art in the seventies was formed by artists who were not part of the established institutions; this more radical Zurich held the seeds for the rich and important network of museums, galleries and art institutions which support contemporary art in Zurich today.

Her myriad critical and curatorial contributions to contemporary art, both Swiss and in an international context, have included the recent Hypermental exhibit for the Kunsthaus, Zurich.

I am hoping that the more sensual, relaxed, and less didactic attitude of the late '90s might allow the museum to emancipate itself again from its role as bulwark of art--to redefine itself in terms of the demands of the times. The museum is challanged by the work of young artists all the time; my aim is to actively solicit these challanges.

-Bice Curiger, in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
in Artforum, April 1998, p. 130



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