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Special Guest at LISTE 05 in Basel
Projects by San Keller, Leopold Kessler, Werner Reiterer
La Vista Hermosa: My Cola Lite by Mike Bouchet
Viewing of Graham Gussin's Transitionary, 2005

June 14 – 19 2005
Opening reception: Monday, June 13, 5 – 10 PM

The Swiss Institute – Contemporary Art is thrilled to have been chosen as Special Guest at the 2005 LISTE art fair in Basel. The Druckwerkstatt, or Printing Workshop, of the LISTE’s Wartek building is offered each year to a Swiss, non-profit art organization by the committee of the LISTE. This year, for the first time, an independent, American arts organization has been selected to present its program. The SI will take this opportunity to highlight our multi-faceted and cutting edge program to the large, diverse and international audience of art professionals who will be in Basel during the 2005 art fair this June.

We are excited to feature San Keller's 'San Dance Company'. Keller is a Swiss Artist who was in residence at PS1 in New York last year. His work focuses on interacting with different communities, inviting his audience to be part of, and ultimately to create, his work with him. Visitors to the SI booth at the LISTE will have the opportunity to join the ‘San Dance Company’. Choosing one favorite song, and choreographing some moves, participants will enter into a contract with Keller stating that, for the rest of their lives, whenever and wherever this song is heard, the dance must be performed. From the SI booth, Keller will have the chance to recruit new dancers for his company, and we will also feature some performances by company members.

SI is also pleased to feature two works by artist Werner Reiterer, who currently has work on view at the SI and at the Grey Art Gallery in the concurrent exhibitions ‘OK / OKAY’. Reiterer's work, like Keller's, subtly interferes with our status quo, modifying what we might expect from a space or an interaction. For one of his works at the LISTE we will use the large chimney of the Wartek to launch visitors' messages attached to helium balloons. The building housing the LISTE will thus become a large vessel for this fun and lighthearted work. The second piece is another of Reiterer's effortless jokes: a humidifier placed in the SI space, with a simple sign above it reading, "This humidifier evaporates my sperm."

As special guest at the LISTE, the SI will focus on presenting its program of cutting-edge contemporary art to the huge contemporary art audience, at arguably the most important international art event of the year. Artist projects will be presented around and inside our space, in the courtyard and onto the street. With the SI ’s booth we aim to bring to Basel the atmosphere of meeting and exchange similar to the mood of an event at the SI 's New York space. Visitors will feel comfortable to take a little break to chat with the SI staff, learn about the SI programs, discuss what's good to see and do in Basel, maybe send a message off into the skies of Basel, take a stroll with Graham Gussin through SoHo, or dance a bit with San Keller.