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film screening /
to change a thing into a different thing

curated by Amy Granat

Wed Mar 30 2005 / 7:30 pm

The S I is pleased to announce a collaboration with Cinema Zero, presenting a program of experimental films, selected by founding member Amy Granat. Please join Cinema Zero and the S I for this special event.


Marie Menken
16mm, color, sound, 3 min.

Standish Lawder / soundtrack: Terry Riley
CORRIDOR (1968-70)
16mm, b&w, sound, 23 minutes

Jud Yalkut
THE GODZ (1966)
16mm, color, sound, 9 min.

Standish Lawder / soundtrack: Robert Withers
16mm, color, sound, 16 minutes

TOTAL RUNNING TIME approx 55 minutes

Cinema Zero, founded in 2004, fosters experimental cross-collaborations. Drawing from the collaborations and events at "Degree Zero / A Certain American Scene," a series organized in Grenoble by Olivier Mosset in the autumn of 2004, Cinema Zero has continued to strengthen is mission of fostering collaboration and experimentation with its Winter Solstice Program, featuring a film program curated by Amy Granat and an exhibition by Paul-Aymar Morgue d'Algue. This winter, dancer/choreographer Felicia Ballos and Amy Granat performed at Lombard-Fried and, through March 26, artist Rich Aldrich and Granat have an installation on view at Olivier Kamm in the exhibition KA/VH : RA/AG. Ballos and artist Anna Craycroft are currently working on developing a dance performance for fall 2005 that will be presented at the S I.