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Opening Reception / Monday March 8 / 6 - 8 PM

Astronomers recently hypothesized that five billion years ago the universe experienced a "cosmic jerk", and started to expand. This cosmic acceleration occurred, it has been hypothesized, when the ‘dark energy’ grew to a point where it could dominate the gravity of matter, and hence made the universe expand. As Einstein put it, “There is no fixed point in the universe.” This five billion year pattern of expansion has imposed upon us a perpetual state of indeterminate position – a universe of gliding. Five Billion Years plunges into the heart of this expansion and proposes a collective exhibition that tries to adapt to the speed imposed upon us by the indeterminacy of our situation and elaborate an aesthetic of gliding.

* * *

With Under Pressure and Mayday (2001), Extra, Liquid Sky and Dust Memories (2003) and now Five Billion Years, the SI proposes a series of group exhibitions that put in perspective the interpretations that art can give to our reality. With this model of gliding, the world no longer appears as a series of points forming lines, rather it manifests itself in a series of tangent planes. It rides on links and traverses layers. In the same way, art is no longer defined by position or place. It glides over the visible and exposes the limitless number of strata that make up its structure. It contributes to the densification of the real, it adds to its complexity.

Like the exhibitions that have preceded it, Five Billion Years, does not intend to develop a discourse, nor to provide a specific message to these reflections. Nor does this exhibition try to illustrate the words of a press release. An exhibition is a specific language, text another. What matters are movements, energies, interpretations and the constant oscillations between languages (as between different objects) that shake up our interpretive system.

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